Packing smart is the way to ensure you don’t leave anything behind

Packing Smart

Whether it’s a two-weekend outing trip or a 2 weeks holiday plan, packing is always one of the hardest parts. Many people struggle with remembering the things to pack if you want to ensure that you don’t leave anything important behind then there are some smart packing tips that you need to strictly follow.

Make a packing list

Listing down things is the primary things you are expected to do before you plan your trip. According to the destination decide the essential things that you may require, tyle of clothes, type of shoes, skin care essentials, etc.

Role clothes

This is surely going to be a game changer, I was really skeptical about this idea but it actually workout, start rolling down your t-shirts, underwears and other clothing material that don’t get wrinkles. This technique will save a lot of space in your luggage.


If you don’t have some zip bags then purchase them before making a trip, these zip lock back will prove to be a very handy solution in insolating particular items. I usually carry spillable items like body lotions, toothpaste and other things in those bags. Yeah, sometimes I use those bags to carry my unwashed underwears as well.

Know your Airline baggage policy

Its essential to be aware of your airline baggage policy and know about the pricing and weight limit. All the airlines have different policies and if you don’t want to spend some extra amount to carry baggage, read the policies carefully.

Always wear the bulkiest item on the plane

Whether it’s a winter coat or leather jacket or your boots, wear them. This will save a lot of space in your suitcase and will also reduce the luggage weight.

Avoid packing unnecessary things

There are always things that you might require “just in case”, leave them behind. Those unnecessary things are the real culprit of your heavy luggage. Many people carry a double weight of luggage items that they are not going to use on the trip.

Don’t pack books

We respect your idea of reading a few books on your trip, but don’t pack them. Buy the Kindle or audible version of those books and exclude few pounds of luggage.

Weight your luggage

A simple portable Weight machine will not cost much, but the extra luggage fee can cost you allot, the best strategy is to have a weight machine to weight your final baggage.

Spruce up your luggage

Many on the big terminals, it can be really difficult to fir your luggage, so why not make them look bit distinctive to eliminate any duplication or confusion. You may use some stickers or ribbons to make your luggage look different from others.


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