Necessities that you must squeeze into your travel bag

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There are quite a number of travel necessities that we can overlook when traveling overseas. These are things that most people that are important but we usually forget to pack.

The international travel checklist

1. Ibuprofen

You need to carry your pain medication because you might need it for headaches or for the tummy. There is the jetlag and the changes in altitude which might spark a headache.

Remember you are going abroad and you might not be sure how the food there might agree with you. Always have such meds for the tummy too.

2. All round clothes

Much as you are going abroad and would like to look hot and all, even in the summer, you might find yourself needing heavier clothes. It might work the other way in colder weather too when you might need lighter clothes.

No matter the weather, consider carrying clothes for all weather and not just fashion pieces. Mix things up.

3. Travel necessities like a laundry bag

Even if you are going for a few days, a laundry bag is one thing you need to pack. This will be helpful in putting dirty laundry. You don’t want your clean clothes mixing with your fresh smelling clothes.

If you can get the waterproof kind, the better! Most of them are easily foldable and will fit easily into your travel pack.

4. Adaptor

You need to carry an adaptor when traveling abroad for charging your phone and electronics. This is important because sockets usually vary from country to country.

Get an adaptor that is universal that can fit into various sockets. Also, make sure that the adaptor you have can also covert voltage too so that you don’t mess your electronic devices.

5. Power bank

A power bank is one of the important travel necessities you will need when traveling. Being in a foreign country, you need your phone to have power at all times. You will have to hail a cab every now and then.

The above list isn’t exhaustive. However, these are some things that at the top of my list of things that people might overlook. Never forget those.





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