From the Editor

Looking fashionable in those unfashionable situations

fashionable woman working out on exercise bike

Ever walked through a park while there is a PT session going on and noticed the woman wearing matching purple headbands, purple undershirt, and purple sneakers? Thought to yourself wow she looks alright? Well, it’s quite likely this was a deliberate choice to make herself look the very best she could despite the setting. While working up a sweat, there was no reason she couldn’t look good, feel great and show some flair.

This hypothetical woman is not alone. There are many occasions when some of you ladies might want to look great while doing the most mundane activities. I mean, think about it. When you go to Walmart to grab a pair of sweatpants don’t you often find that you’re still grading the available products based on how good you’ll look in them. Whether they are slim-lined, have an exaggerated waistband, these are all conscious choice we make even when buying things that aren’t necessarily designed to appeal to the opposite sex.

woman lounging around on couch in fashionwear

It is socially acceptable and expected to dress up when going on date, but what is wrong with dressing stylishly when watching a movie at home, or when traveling overseas. Sure, there is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing for the occasion and wearing comfortable yet unfashionable clothing in such settings. You do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. But if feeling comfortable involves dressing a bit more fashionable to feel better about yourself then can we really fault that sort of logic?

It is for those women amongst us who like to style it up a bit in these everyday settings that this website is targeted towards, and even if you are not into dressing up to watch Netflix that is okay too. For those others amongst us who are not so fashionably inclined in mundane settings, we will still provide fashion advice for those times when you do want to go the extra yard. Whether on a date or going out while in a specific travel location, there will be advice that hopefully will have you looking and feeling great!

So please look around. I hope you find something of interest.