Bracelet Fashion trends for 2019

bracelet fashion

If clothing is a cake then jewelry is its icing. Jewelry is an important part of styling, it makes you look trendy and beautiful. Some women love to wear jewelry for their self-styling but some try to restrict themselves to a minimum.
Bracelets are one of the most versatile jewelry that comes in wide variety and you can wear them at almost any occasion. Different kind of bracelets are available in the market, they are elegant, cool and stylish at the same time.
Bracelets can surely add up to your style quotient if used in a proper manner. Ahead, we’ve rounded up top bracelet trends that are soo trendy that you can wear them all the time or at special moments.

Barely There Bracelets

These are the ultra-thin bracelets that are not meant to be worn all the time, they are elegant but delicate. Its a great choice for Women who love to have a minimalistic approach with the jewelry.

bracelet fashion

Tennis Bracelets

A classic bracelet that has been in the market for decades and has never gone out of fashion. Because of their expensive cost, tennis bracelets are the best choice is to wear them on your special day, they definitely offer more sparkle than any other bracelet option.  
It’s an elegant bracelet that is not advised to be combined with your casual outfit.

Chain-Link Bracelets

A jewelry option that can be worn 24/7. Chain link bracelets are usually a thick chain of gold, silver or titanium which is quite strong but instantly add a focal point to your jewelry look.
It is one of the most common styles of bracelets that are worn by both men or women.  

Shell Bracelets

Best way to get closer to nature and will give you a traveler feel. These bracelets are not very expensive but look beautiful in your casual look. Planning to have a vacation near the beaches? Stock some shell bracelets to get closer to nature.

bracelet fashion

Charm Bracelets

Get ready to feel nostalgic with these bracelets, they stormed the market when they were first introduced but unfortunately, they went out of fashion.
The little charms will spice up your look day in and day out.

Leather Bracelets

Most versatile and cost-effective solution to your style needs, there are available in thousands of variety and you can choose your favorite. There are available in a different pattern to spice up your casual look.

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