Best travel destinations in Europe for the fashionista

travel spots for fashionistas

If you are a fashion lover who loves to shop, there are a number of the best Europe travel destinations that we hear most celebrities and models visiting to get glamoured up. These places are some of the fashion spots where most designers have their fashion houses.

Luckily, these places are just for the rich. You can also find second hand clothes and malls that have designer clothes that are on sale. If you are thinking of upgrading your wardrobe, enjoy your shopping experience in one of these Europe’s best fashion cities…

Best travel spots for the fashion lover to explore in Europe


For years, Milan has garnered the name of being one of the best Europe travel destinations for fashion lovers. This is where most of the fashion shows are conducted. This Italian city is elegant and packed with style. Fashion lovers can have a shopping experience worth every penny. This place is suitable for people with different tastes, style and pockets. It is the home for fashion designers.


This city is rich in culture. This means you can do both shopping as you enjoy a little bit of sightseeing. Shops display incredible international brands. As a fashionista, you will discover that Barcelona is the temptation of shoppers. There are lots of modern and vintage designer shops.


europe travel spots

This French capital is best for fashion lovers who want to shop at bargain prices. Whether you are looking for a vintage or contemporary experience, you will find it all here. Summer time is the best time to shop here. While here, try visiting Zara where they slash their prices even up to 50%. From big names like Channel to Yves Saint Laurent, you will find it all here.


Shopping here can be done in neighborhood. Every neighborhood seems to have its own popular shopping spot. Prada, Zara, H&M are some of the big names you will come across in the city center. Some of the shopping streets to visit are Elmegade, Jægersborggade and Pilestræde

Whichever spot you choose to shop at, have a fabulous shopping experience.

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