Best travel destinations in Europe for the fashionista

travel spots for fashionistas

If you are a fashion lover who loves to shop, there are a number of the best Europe travel destinations that we hear most celebrities and models visiting to get glamoured up. These places are some of the fashion spots where most designers have their fashion houses.

Luckily, these places are just for the rich. You can also find second hand clothes and malls that have designer clothes that are on sale. If you are thinking of upgrading your wardrobe, enjoy your shopping experience in one of these Europe’s best fashion cities…

Best travel spots for the fashion lover to explore in Europe


For years, Milan has garnered the name of being one of the best Europe travel destinations for fashion lovers. This is where most of the fashion shows are conducted. This Italian city is elegant and packed with style. Fashion lovers can have a shopping experience worth every penny. This place is suitable for people with different tastes, style and pockets. It is the home for fashion designers.


This city is rich in culture. This means you can do both shopping as you enjoy a little bit of sightseeing. Shops display incredible international brands. As a fashionista, you will discover that Barcelona is the temptation of shoppers. There are lots of modern and vintage designer shops.


europe travel spots

This French capital is best for fashion lovers who want to shop at bargain prices. Whether you are looking for a vintage or contemporary experience, you will find it all here. Summer time is the best time to shop here. While here, try visiting Zara where they slash their prices even up to 50%. From big names like Channel to Yves Saint Laurent, you will find it all here.


Shopping here can be done in neighborhood. Every neighborhood seems to have its own popular shopping spot. Prada, Zara, H&M are some of the big names you will come across in the city center. Some of the shopping streets to visit are Elmegade, Jægersborggade and Pilestræde

Whichever spot you choose to shop at, have a fabulous shopping experience.

Bracelet Fashion trends for 2019

bracelet fashion

If clothing is a cake then jewelry is its icing. Jewelry is an important part of styling, it makes you look trendy and beautiful. Some women love to wear jewelry for their self-styling but some try to restrict themselves to a minimum.
Bracelets are one of the most versatile jewelry that comes in wide variety and you can wear them at almost any occasion. Different kind of bracelets are available in the market, they are elegant, cool and stylish at the same time.
Bracelets can surely add up to your style quotient if used in a proper manner. Ahead, we’ve rounded up top bracelet trends that are soo trendy that you can wear them all the time or at special moments.

Barely There Bracelets

These are the ultra-thin bracelets that are not meant to be worn all the time, they are elegant but delicate. Its a great choice for Women who love to have a minimalistic approach with the jewelry.

bracelet fashion

Tennis Bracelets

A classic bracelet that has been in the market for decades and has never gone out of fashion. Because of their expensive cost, tennis bracelets are the best choice is to wear them on your special day, they definitely offer more sparkle than any other bracelet option.  
It’s an elegant bracelet that is not advised to be combined with your casual outfit.

Chain-Link Bracelets

A jewelry option that can be worn 24/7. Chain link bracelets are usually a thick chain of gold, silver or titanium which is quite strong but instantly add a focal point to your jewelry look.
It is one of the most common styles of bracelets that are worn by both men or women.  

Shell Bracelets

Best way to get closer to nature and will give you a traveler feel. These bracelets are not very expensive but look beautiful in your casual look. Planning to have a vacation near the beaches? Stock some shell bracelets to get closer to nature.

bracelet fashion

Charm Bracelets

Get ready to feel nostalgic with these bracelets, they stormed the market when they were first introduced but unfortunately, they went out of fashion.
The little charms will spice up your look day in and day out.

Leather Bracelets

Most versatile and cost-effective solution to your style needs, there are available in thousands of variety and you can choose your favorite. There are available in a different pattern to spice up your casual look.

Packing smart is the way to ensure you don’t leave anything behind

Packing Smart

Whether it’s a two-weekend outing trip or a 2 weeks holiday plan, packing is always one of the hardest parts. Many people struggle with remembering the things to pack if you want to ensure that you don’t leave anything important behind then there are some smart packing tips that you need to strictly follow.

Make a packing list

Listing down things is the primary things you are expected to do before you plan your trip. According to the destination decide the essential things that you may require, tyle of clothes, type of shoes, skin care essentials, etc.

Role clothes

This is surely going to be a game changer, I was really skeptical about this idea but it actually workout, start rolling down your t-shirts, underwears and other clothing material that don’t get wrinkles. This technique will save a lot of space in your luggage.


If you don’t have some zip bags then purchase them before making a trip, these zip lock back will prove to be a very handy solution in insolating particular items. I usually carry spillable items like body lotions, toothpaste and other things in those bags. Yeah, sometimes I use those bags to carry my unwashed underwears as well.

Know your Airline baggage policy

Its essential to be aware of your airline baggage policy and know about the pricing and weight limit. All the airlines have different policies and if you don’t want to spend some extra amount to carry baggage, read the policies carefully.

Always wear the bulkiest item on the plane

Whether it’s a winter coat or leather jacket or your boots, wear them. This will save a lot of space in your suitcase and will also reduce the luggage weight.

Avoid packing unnecessary things

There are always things that you might require “just in case”, leave them behind. Those unnecessary things are the real culprit of your heavy luggage. Many people carry a double weight of luggage items that they are not going to use on the trip.

Don’t pack books

We respect your idea of reading a few books on your trip, but don’t pack them. Buy the Kindle or audible version of those books and exclude few pounds of luggage.

Weight your luggage

A simple portable Weight machine will not cost much, but the extra luggage fee can cost you allot, the best strategy is to have a weight machine to weight your final baggage.

Spruce up your luggage

Many on the big terminals, it can be really difficult to fir your luggage, so why not make them look bit distinctive to eliminate any duplication or confusion. You may use some stickers or ribbons to make your luggage look different from others.


Cutting back on the meat – benefits of a pescatarian diet

pescatarian diet

What is a pescatarian diet and what are the pescatarian benefits?

This is a diet where vegetarians add fish and seafood to their diet. Or you can say its a diet where people cut down on red meat and other animal products and stick to fish and seafood as there source of meat.

The benefits of a pescatarian diet

Fish contains plenty of essential nutrients

Fish and other seafood are a great source of the Omega 3 fatty acids. Much as some plants have these fats, they are not easily absorbed by our bodies like the ones contained in the fish. These fatty acids are great for the brain and the heart. They are also known to improve one’s mood. They are also a good source of zinc and vitamin B12.

Fish also has lots of other minerals which are essential for building muscles, immunity and boost the health of our cells.

Reduces the risks of chronic illnesses

One of the pescatarian benefits is that it reduces the risk of getting diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity in general. So this is a diet that helps one lose weight.

Great source of iron and proteins for those on a vegetarian diet

A vegetarian diet can be tricky especially if you have no idea which foods are high in proteins. However, this doesn’t mean that you now just into red meat. Fish has plenty of these nutrients that other animals provide.

Great for weight watchers

weighing scaleStudies have shown that people on a pescatarian diet gain weight slower than their meat-eating counterparts. They are least likely to suffer from obesity and its related diseases. Since there is over-reliance in plant-based foods, it means they have more fiber intake which really helps with digestion.

Other pescatarian benefits like preventing

Other benefits of this diet are that it lowers the risk of getting cancer. The omega 3 found in fish has been found to improve the symptoms of cancer patients.

The diet also helps in muscle and joints recovery. It also helps reduce the pain caused by athritis and muscle soreness.





The Perfect Night Outfits For A Fashionable First Date

night outfits

For many women, the most difficult thing to do on a first date night is to decide what to wear; I understand that you are under pressure to impress your date. This is a phase every woman experience at some point in time, let’s discover the best outfit ideas to look stunning on your date night.

But before deciding what to wear, you should keep in your mind the place where you were heading. If you are heading towards clubs you should choose bright and little bold options like pairing a red crop top with ripped denim and a small clutch. If your date is planned at some other place try to carry a sober yet elegant look. Whatever you have decided should compliment with the personality you are carrying.

Sexy yet classy :

Choose your color wisely if you have fair complexion then pick any bold color like Red, Yellow, Fuschia or any bold color of your choice and if you having dusky complexion than choose Black or Grey and Golden, you may choose Maroon over bright Red, White, Emerald Green, Pastel colors. When it comes to choosing your accessories then complete your look with the right amount of accessories. Prefer small clutch over large or oversized bags. Choose your outfit that you are comfortable with and while choosing heels prefer moderate one.night outfits

Dinner date:

If you are planning a dinner date over the rooftop in the candlelight prefer to wear elegant dresses that compliment your complexion and your figure.

  • Maxi dresses: A flared maxi dress is always a good idea. If you prefer classy over sexy then go for it.
  • Above the knee dresses: There is lot more option in this segment you may prefer short denim skirt coupled with crop top of your choice or a one-piece dress. Lace and sheer dresses are always in fashion. If you want to look like a baby doll you may also prefer short floral dresses.
  • Jumpsuits: Remember you are on a date if you are choosing a jumpsuit then it has to be that special. Off the shoulder or one shoulder down jumpsuit would be a better option. Try not to confuse yourself from dungaree as dungaree is not a good option for a night date.
  • Denim: A perfect pair of skinny denim reviling your perfect body shape and an elegant top coupled with summer coat is always a good option you may prefer shrug overcoat.

If you do not prefer any coat or a shrug over the top then choose your top wisely. A simple ruffled top or off the shoulder or cold shoulder top is a good idea.

night outfits


If you are planning your date in a club then make sure to carry a look that is hot as hell. A little showing off your body is not a bad idea.

  • Lace top or sheer dresses: This is my personal favorite that can give you an instantly chic look. Accessorize yourself with metallic or junk jewelry that suits your style, wear high heels that you are comfortable in.
  • Off-the-shoulder tops or dresses: Remember you are going to the pub and rock the dance floor so before choosing dresses you should keep in mind that your dress does not interfere you while dancing. Off the shoulder tops or dresses are good to go with.
  • Hot pants: choose a trendy top along with hot pant to compliment your look by preferring boots over heels and a trendy clutch.
  • Knee length dresses: You can find a dozen of knee-length dresses as per your liking. Prefer bold colors like Black, Golden, Red that can make you look above the crowd.
  • Long Pencil Skirts paired with Chic top: You can also pair tank top or simple ruffled top or any top as you desire with a pencil skirt.

Necessities that you must squeeze into your travel bag

travel things

There are quite a number of travel necessities that we can overlook when traveling overseas. These are things that most people that are important but we usually forget to pack.

The international travel checklist

1. Ibuprofen

You need to carry your pain medication because you might need it for headaches or for the tummy. There is the jetlag and the changes in altitude which might spark a headache.

Remember you are going abroad and you might not be sure how the food there might agree with you. Always have such meds for the tummy too.

2. All round clothes

Much as you are going abroad and would like to look hot and all, even in the summer, you might find yourself needing heavier clothes. It might work the other way in colder weather too when you might need lighter clothes.

No matter the weather, consider carrying clothes for all weather and not just fashion pieces. Mix things up.

3. Travel necessities like a laundry bag

Even if you are going for a few days, a laundry bag is one thing you need to pack. This will be helpful in putting dirty laundry. You don’t want your clean clothes mixing with your fresh smelling clothes.

If you can get the waterproof kind, the better! Most of them are easily foldable and will fit easily into your travel pack.

4. Adaptor

You need to carry an adaptor when traveling abroad for charging your phone and electronics. This is important because sockets usually vary from country to country.

Get an adaptor that is universal that can fit into various sockets. Also, make sure that the adaptor you have can also covert voltage too so that you don’t mess your electronic devices.

5. Power bank

A power bank is one of the important travel necessities you will need when traveling. Being in a foreign country, you need your phone to have power at all times. You will have to hail a cab every now and then.

The above list isn’t exhaustive. However, these are some things that at the top of my list of things that people might overlook. Never forget those.





Outfits that will have you looking cute when performing your workout in front of your gym crush

woman wearing gym shoes

As a woman who has been checking out that gym crush, you definitely need to look your best by wearing some cute workout outfits. It can be tempting to put on some dirty or tattered tee just because you are hitting the gym and you will sweat anyway.

Well, if you are single and have your eye on that dude or woman, then you need to bring your A game even in the gym. You don’t want to be all smelly or tattered around the person you are trying to impress. And our clothes speak volumes about us even in the gym.

There several cute workout outfits that are available in shopping malls and sporting outlets. Below are some tips on getting the right outfits that will have you still looking great when working up a sweat at the gym in front of that gym crush whose attention you are looking to gain.

1. Look for clothes that accentuate your figure or shape

woman with gym crushIf you have a great body or booty, then show that off with clothes that fit well. Forget that large white t-shirt that is too big and not figure-flattering. Now if you have some killer abs, show them off by wearing tank tops or a top that’s tight on your abs. If its the behind that you got put on some tights that show that off.

The look we are going for here is one that will leave your crush saying oh la la. We want to grab attention the right way.

2. Color coordinate your cute workout outfits

sexy woman working out

When picking out your gym outfits, don’t just lump on all colors on yourself. Show off that sense of style by matching your outfits, gym bag and shoes.

If you want to be on safe side, how about doing color blocking. Wear different one-color outfits.

3. Go for cute and comfy

Since you are going to work out and bend over, then you need to make sure that your outfit, cute and sexy as it might be, should never compromise on your comfort.

4. Wear what you prefer

The good thing about wearing something you prefer is that you will be comfortable in those clothes. And as you try to get the attention of your gym class, then your greatest selling point will be confidence.

These days the options for gym clothes are many. You will definitely get something that will suit your taste and body.


For Traveling Abroad: The Clothes Items That Women Should Ensure That They Take With Them

travel clothes for women bikini

Choosing right travel clothes for women is always a hectic task, we ladies usually have a hard time to decide what pair of outfits to pack for our trip, and most of us always had space issues since we can’t carry everything.

Here through this article, we will be discussing the tips and tricks for easing your work to decide travel clothes for women for any occasion and to make the selection easy for you regarding different clothing options.

You are planning for a trip to abroad and there can be a number of possibilities that can happen to you, like going on a date with someone, workout, parties, casual or professional meetings, self-pampering time, etc.  Let’s discuss the list of must-have items that you should be carrying for your overseas trip.

travel clothes for women

Few things to check before you backpack

Check whether: checking whether should be on the top priority for backpacking your outfits, whether the weather is going to be hot or cold, dry or moist. If there is a rainy season then you have to opt for quick dry clothing material. If it’s a going to be hot then opt for more airy cloth material.

Duration of travel: Quantity to carry travel clothes for women should be depending on the duration of the trip.

Plan your activities: planning your activities will help in the better decision on what should be your priorities on outfit selections. Whether you need to carry more sportswear or party wear or just some cozy and comfortable clothes.

Let’s get on the clothing ideas for a date, for a meeting, for a party, for a workout and for simply alone time.

Plan your outfits

  • 4-5 shirts
  • 1-2 cardigan
  • Tshirts and tank tops

Comfort wears

  • Pajamas
  • Sundress
  • Harem pants

Gym wears

  • Sweatshirt
  • Yoga pants
  • Joggers
  • Crop top bras

Date night and Parties

  • Knee length shift dress.
  • Full skater dress

Formal meetings

  • Pantsuit
  • Crop top with a pencil skirt


  • Fleece Jacket
  • Rain jacket

abroad travel clothes for women


  • 5-7 pair of underwear’s
  • 2 pair Bikini top and botter
  • Sports bra
  • Leggings
  • Pantyhose
  • Socks (quick dry and thermal)

Travel Shoes

  • 1 flip flop
  • Snickers
  • Sports shoe
  • Pair of casual all time wears high heel.

Other travel accessories

  • Fast charger
  • Sunglasses
  • Fitness tracker
  • Bath towel
  • iPod
  • Travel bottle
  • Journal Diary
  • Tissues
  • Deodorants
  • Contraceptives
  • Contact lenses and solution.

Fashion Tip For The Self-Conscious: How To Look Your Best During Your Fitness Session

best fitness fashion trends

With the boost in the usage of social media (especially Instagram), fitness fashion has emerged as primary competitors in the fashion industry, earlier there were no such fitness fashion trends in fitness industry but due to the rise in the number fitness athletes and fusion of glamour into fitness made it a very hot topic to discuss.

Fitness trends have infused itself into the fashion industry, reason? We see those Instagrammers who are self-made fitness athletes and giving the majority of the population a fitness goal. These are the people who are raising the temptation of common people to look better

Let’s go through the latest and notable fitness fashion trends.

Crop-top bras

There is no denying that crop tops are sexy, with the latest trend of fusing fashion into fitness industry made the best discovery by converting crop tops into bras.

Crop-top bras are a great discovery in fitness fashion they look magnificent, comfortable and a decent looking option for those who are in the mood to flaunt their figure without the exposure of much skin.

fitness fashion trends

Harem pants

Everyone is getting obsessed with harem; they are breezy, comfortable and have their own elegance.

Especially yogis prefer to wear them while their yoga practices. Harem is an infusion of “Hammer pants” and traditional sari pants. If you like practicing yoga as well then you should get a pair of a harem for a more traditional look.

Not so basic bralettes

Want to be a trendsetter in your gym and an outfit that will turnaround the heads of all the boys then you should start stocking for different bralettes in your wardrobe.

Different Bralette is a great economical option to look sexy within the budget.


For someone with incredibly beautiful body shape, nothing can be more complementing than wearing a gym body suit. Btw it might be not suitable to wear a bodysuit at the gym, but you can definitely wear them for a photo shoot for your Instagram page.

Yoga pants

Yoga pants can never get out of fashion, no other outfit can make you look better at the gym then a perfect fit yoga pants.

Yoga pants are comfortable and they look awesome, and you can literally wear them anywhere, on your hiking trips, gym, yoga session, and can work very best in the combination of your fall date clothing options.

These days there has been the great availability of different yoga pants like shredder yoga pants, High waist yoga pants, Low waist yoga pants, Camouflage Prints, and my favorite Yoga pants with Stirrups.

Joggers are hot as well.

I am sorry that we have been talking about mostly skin-fit clothing range, but what if you are a newbie at the gym and not in your perfect shape.

Joggers are super comfortable, stylish and as versatile as yoga pants, you can wear them almost anywhere.

What I Suggest You Should Wear Tomorrow That’ll Have You Turning Heads

what should I wear tomorrow

What should I wear tomorrow is the most common question by all the working ladies. Deciding what to wear in the office can be a quite confusing task, whether you should go for a classy look or a casual business office look or a careless chick look.

What should I wear tomorrow is an everyday question for most of the working women, you can prepare a calendar containing the weekly outfit planning to save your precious time.

Dressing carelessly can surely save your time but when it comes to having good office impression it’s important to have a good impression on your clients, boss and collogues.

Let’s have a look at the dressing option you have to rectify your biggest hurdle of life “What should I wear tomorrow”.

Button down shirt and trousers

One of the most decent and classy office look. Button down shirts and trousers don’t just look great but they also make you feel great.

All you need to have is a pair of 4-5 shirts and trousers so that you can mix them a whole week to create the perfect combination.

what should I wear tomorrow office

Knee length shift dress

Knee length shift dress is a perfect option to have an elegant style statement, knee-length shift dress never fails to attract a lot of attention.

Printed long skirt with a t-shirt

This is the best dress to make yourself feel comfortable and still look great, printed long skirt with a casual t-shirt can provide you the makeover you have been looking for since a long time. It will give you more girly look while flaunting your body curves.


Nothing can match the sophistication of wearing pantsuit at the office. Whether it’s about dealing with clients or leading your team, the pantsuit is the best combination any office professional can have.

A pantsuit might cost much more than any other casual outfit but believe me, it’s going to rock your office presentation or client meeting.

Crop top with a pencil skirt

Crop top and pencil skirt is another outfit that stands on the top of my list. It helps in flaunting your body’s curves but still make you look elegant and very professional.

A pencil skirt can be a classic combination of whatever the top you are wearing, you can pair up with a shirt, with long sleeve blouse, with a sweatshirt, with a chambray shirt, etc.

Full skater dress

If you are bored of asking yourself ‘what should I wear tomorrow’ then this is an option you should definitely invest your time.

Full skater dress can give your appearance a delightful makeover, if you have never tried full skater dress before at office then you should definitely try it now, it will surely make all the heads turn around.

Off shoulder skater dress

I don’t know whether this will be an appropriate dress at your office, but this is my personal favorite dress to wear at the office, it helps in making you feel ageless while making you look more winnable.

If you are in pursuit to impress any office collogue then off shoulder skater is something you should definitely try. You can also try some date night clothing ideas to look more seductive and impressive.


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