Maria Saab

Spotted: @MariaMSaab  (Attorney, Middle East Fellow and Fashionista Extraordinaire!)

We the CHIC went into Spring overload when we spotted Maria’s Ted Baker dress, Devernois Sport blazer and Forever 21 sunglasses!

We the CHIC had to ask a few questions…

Where in the world did you get your necklace!? #musthave

“My necklace is my name in Arabic! My aunt gave it to me as a Christmas gift this year, she brought it from our village in Northern Lebanon where she had it custom made. Beyond its looks, the necklace is important to me because I am Lebanese, I was born there, and my work is concentrated so much on what’s happening in the Arab world. It’s just a small reminder of who I am and where I came from!”

Maria Saab Accessories 2

Accessories:  Nike FuelBand in rose gold, Jennifer Zeuner Bracelet, Custom gold bracelet (on right side w/ ring), Swarovski Ring, Shoes: Zara Lace-Up Ankle Boot  Necklaces: Forever21 and custom ID necklace in Arabic

How would you describe your style?

“Generally, my look is a combo of the utterly simple and seasonal trends. As a recent law grad and new young professional, my look is slowly transitionining and I am trying to find clothing that accomplish a variety of things. I want clothing I can work into my work day as well as on the weekends. This dress for example is so multifunctional and can be dressed up or down! This neon jacket helps the dress stand out, but on the weekends- I rock it with some distressed denim and a white tee. Looking professional while stylish in Washington and in the legal profession, can sometimes be a challenge. Thanks to blogs like The Chic Incumbent that showcase women of the District, I can get inspiration from working ladies who are making moves and setting trends here in the nation’s capital.”
Awww, thanks!  We do our best : )
#WeTheCHIC will be stalking the streets of DC to see who’s next…
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  1. Chic lady! Love her style.

  2. Ashley M says:

    Maria you are the cutest! Need those shoes asap.

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