Emerging designer Katharine Polk redefined the meaning of “Springtime blues” at the showing of Houghton’s Spring Summer 2015 collection at Milk Studios during New York Fashion Week. Polk perfectly executed a well balanced blend of masculine and feminine lines accented with lace, sleek hair and ornate ear cuffs. Houghton, a brand that “epitomizes unpretentious easy chic and truly wearable, timeless luxury” is reflective of the ever evolving taste of today’s modern, independent woman who prefers both feminine elegance and borrowing from the boys. Check out our favorite looks below:










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By Brie Harris

Thomas Knights Red Hot Book Launch Exhibit

Thomas Knights’ Red Hot is truly a sight to behold. Enhancing the stark white walls of BOSI Contemporary were 120 headshots of sexy shirtless red headed men. What started as a photography exhibit has now translated into a calendar and book that got its funding from Kick Starter, tripling what they had hoped for. Parts of the proceeds have gone to support anti-bullying organizations. One might ask how a photography exhibit featuring only red head guys might come about, but for Thomas Knights, its something that was very personal. We caught up with the multi-talented artist, photographer, and musician at the NYC debut of his exhibit and sold-out Red Hot 100 book launch.

What originally sparked this idea?

“I was really ginger when I was growing up, I hated my hair, I hated it! I was so ashamed of it. At school, anything that’s different, you are going to get picked on, so you don’t want to be different growing up. When you are an adult, being different is actually kind of helpful. All the guys, they all say this, even if they have gone through what I went through, which is like a 10-year journey of dying their hair and trying not to be ginger, they eventually became ginger again. It became their thing; it became their whole sort of essence of who they were. It’s really interesting how a hair color can have so much power on your life, and its now their actual, not is kind of really their thing and its what they prize the most about their whole sense of self. It kind of is for me now, because I’ve made Red Hot, its career defining.

No one noticed this before Red Hot, but there is this complete separation between the way ginger guys and ginger girls are portrayed in popular culture. I didn’t even realize it until I did Red Hot and then I started thinking about and was like there are hardly any ginger leading men in popular culture, positive role models on TV and film and when you compare it to how many beautiful red head women there are in Hollywood you think ‘Actually why isn’t there more [red headed] men. It’s weird.”

Thomas Knights Red Hot Book Launch Exhibit 2

What has it been like debuting Red Hot in the U.S.? What are your hopes for the exhibit here in the states?

“We had the one in London but its really weird, America says ‘We don’t really have that problem with red hair here’ which kind of isn’t true. I think as an adult walking down the street its probably less sort of heckling, but I think any kid growing up at school is going to have a hard time feeling different, and red hair is different. All of the American guys we’ve got in our exhibition had trouble at school…. I really want it to keep doing what it’s doing, which is debunking this lie that ginger people are the un-cools, the underdog. I want to make it kind of like super heroes.”

Well I think you have succeeded, because they are all…really hot.

“That’s brilliant! Thank you for saying that… a lot of people have said this to me, they say ‘I know have think for ginger guys thanks to your exhibition’. You realize the power of advertising and how you can manipulate people. We are being manipulated all the time. And that’s why this had to happen. People have been so manipulated against ginger guys all the time that something like Red Hot had to happen”

Red Hot Thomas Knights Exhibit 7

How was the process of choosing the guys and photographing all of them?

“I wanted to do Red Hot 100…then the actual reality of shooting 100 guys was suddenly like, oh that’s…a lot of guys, but we got to 64 for the first exhibition, but I thought, I can’t just shoot 100, because you got to kind of curate the book, so we shot 120. That was a lot of work. That was in January, February (2014), and it was almost like a bit of a conveyer belt of guys coming to my apartment, all ginger. I did like 10 a day for a while. Literally ginger guys just hanging out. The only difference [between the male models and non-models] was their experience in front of the camera.

Actually Ken, whose the cover of the book, it was his first ever shoot. I found in him working in a juicing shop, so he was like, you know completely inexperienced, but it was easy. Where as I had guys that I saw in the street and would just say ‘would you fancy doing this’ and they would come over and it would be very awkward because they were very difficult, but I had to include them!

Everyone I shot is here, I got a good shot out of most people, I mean that’s my job, I’ve got to try to get the most out of someone. But the only difference, with a model often they are giving you amazing shots, where as like sometime you get a guy and you literally get one or two shots from the whole reel. It was emotionally draining, we would talk about it and our experiences and the whole thing and when we were doing the ones in February they were back to back every hour.”

Red Hot Thomas Knights Exhibit 9

So you have already raised thousands of pounds for anti-bullying, is that something you hope to continue in the states?

“100%, totally! Our whole anti-bullying message is our main message in all of this. It’s a weird concept, because it’s sexy but its got this whole anti-bullying message to it. Its definitely something that we are going to continue forever. We’ve got the Diana Awards, that’s set up in legacy of Princess Diana, and they give kids awards for doing something different and unique, sort of fundamentally changing within their community in school and they give them Diana Awards and its because of Diana’s whole mentality, her whole thing was children of the future, and they know have this whole anti-bullying ambassadors program and the book is benefitting the Diana Awards and the whole anti-bullying ambassadors program…and she’s got a ginger son… Hello… I wanna [photograph] Harry!”

Red Hot Thomas Knights Exhibit 11

Daniel Newman, who stars on the CW hit The Vampire Diaries, was one of the Red Hot guys who was a part of this photo shoot and was present at the exhibition and book launch.

How did it come about for you to be a part of this whole thing?

“Thomas contacted me and asked me to be a part of it. When I found out about the whole movement I was like [heck] yeah, I would love to! Absolutely! So it was such an honor.”

How was the process of modeling and being photographed?

“It was so fun! I’ve done it forever. I used to do a lot of modeling so it was very cool.”

As an actor who is a red head do you find it revolutionary to be on a hit TV show like Vampire Diaries?

“Totally! It sounds kind of silly, but when you think about what Thomas is saying, its totally true. Growing up, in the media it was always beautiful red head women, cartoons, TV Shows, movie stars, beautiful, beautiful, red head women and models. The guys were always the nerdy bully, the ugly kid that got beat up, in every single medium, always the ugly kid and then my whole childhood I was always bullied and picked on for it, its great now, but its night and day, so it was definitely something I identified with. I like the whole initiative of this.”

Check out this video clip from The Washington Post:


Brie Harris

Brie Harris is a New York Contributor for The Chic Incumbent

Follow Brie on Twitter: @briezee18

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DANNIJO Spring SUmmer 2015

DANNIJO Spring Summer 2015 look 2

DANNIJO Spring Summer 2015 Look 3

DANNIJO Spring Summer 2015 Look 4

DANNIJO Spring Summer 2015 Look 5

DANNIJO Spring Summer 2015 Look 7

DANNIJO Spring Summer 2015 Look 8

DANNIJO Spring Summer 2015 Look 9

DANNIJO Spring Summer 2015 Look 10

DANNIJO Spring Summer 2015 Look 11

Conclusion: We the CHIC literally want every piece in this collection….

Shop DANNIJO here.

 (Photos by Kirsten Holtz)

Hair: Rodney Cutler for Cutler/Redken, Styling: Kat Typaldos, Makeup by Yadim, Nails by Alicia Torello for MAYBELLINE New York

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Emerging designer Whitney Pozgay presented her Spring 2015 WHIT collection, “Girls to the Front” with a burst of fun colors and prints where women are ‘free to be both feminine and tough, thoughtful and reckless, womanly and girly.’ Pozgay incorporated original artwork from the likes of Mary Matson, Gordon Holden, Amanda Jasnowski and Jill Galarneau. Check out our favorite looks below:

Whit NY Spring 2015 Look 1

Whit NY Spring 2015 Look 2

Whit NY Spring 2015 Look 3

Whit NY Spring 2015 Look 4

Whit NY Spring 2015 Look 5


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NYT Hillary Clinton Muse

Presidential elections will be here before we know it. Signs of 2016 lurk all around us: Robin Givhan returning back home to The Washington Post, former press secretary and now SKD Knickerbocker Vice President, Audrey Gelman being dubbed as a contributor for Marie Claire  and Tim Gunn’s partnership with POLITICO Magazine’s “Campaign (Un)Chic.” Alessandra Stanley of The New York Times further supports this claim by pinpointing the recent surge in television characters inspired by former Secretary of State and anticipated presidential contender, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Stanley states:

“Five years ago, the only successful television drama about a woman in politics was ‘The Good Wife,’ on CBS, and that was about the blindsided wife of a philandering governor. A few years before, ABC tried to make a go with Geena Davis as the first female president in ‘Commander in Chief.’ That show fizzled and was cancelled.

But what is especially striking is that in an age of deep cynicism about Washington, the new portraits of women in high office are painted in rosy shades of respect and admiration. While many of their more self-serving colleagues pursue ignoble agendas, network heroines in top positions are multitasking do-gooders trying to keep the nation safe.”

Hear more of Alessandra’s commentary regarding “Shades of Hillary in TV Dramas”  via video here.


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By Brie Harris

Guests stepped off the streets of the Lower West Side and into Paris at the Maison Jules, sold exclusively at Macy’s, Fall/Winter 2014 presentation. French bulldogs strutted around wearing Maison Jules t-shirts and an illustrator sat at a charming iron table to sketch guests. Whimsical floor to ceiling sketches of Parisian streets adorned the walls setting the perfect backdrop for the models to show off the new looks.

Maison Jules Entry

This season’s pieces combined a feminine softness with a touch of flirty masculinity. Oversized boyfriend cardigans in a funky pink cheetah print, cable knit sweaters over an edgier dress; the looks were all put together with mixed and matched layers. It was sweaters, sweaters, and more sweaters at the presentation, each one looking more lush and cozier than the next. Cat cashmere sweaters, cable pullovers, cowl neck ponchos, and feather cardigans had us begging for the Fall season to arrive.

Maison Jules

Maison Jules 2


DJ Leslie Kirchhiff spun fun and flirty tunes only taking a break while the violin duo Chargaux performed. New brand ambassador Betty Autier posed for photographers as the behind-the-scenes video of her Maison Jules photo shoot projected onto the wall. The Fall/Winter 2014 collection had us saying “Oh La La!!”

Maison Jules 3

Maison Jules Violinists


 Brie Harris

Brie Harris is a New York Contributor for The Chic Incumbent

Follow Brie on Twitter: @briezee18

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The 70’s were in full swing at Tia Cibani’s Spring 2015 runway show. The collection showcased a variety of voluminous blouses, skirts, dresses and dip dyed utilitarian separates. Beauty looks reflected bold neutrals with bold plum tones and 70’s inspired braided crowns. This is definitely a designer to watch for presidential frontrunners and congressional candidates. Tia Cibani’s effortless silhouettes are great for polichic globe trotters. You can shop her looks for Fall here.

Tia Cibani Looks

Tia Cibani Presentation Spring 2015

 Tia Cibani Looks 2

Tia Cibani Looks 3

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selena gomez neorunway

Adidas NEO Label  and Selena Gomez kicked off New York Fashion Week with a BANG by hosting the world’s first ever tweet-powered fashion show. The event, in its entirety, was created by teens from around the world: the lighting, the music, the set design, and styling! Each vote was cast using Twitter’s in-card voting system, giving a unique facelift to the concept of crowdsourcing and a chic twist to the meaning of customer demand.

The Fall/Winter collection encompassed a variety of flirty lace printed skirts, graphic tees, sweatshirts, denim, and military boots, which were hand selected by online “NEOLovers” all featured against an instillation of colorful urban city lights.

“The show was incredible because it was styled by teens who will actually wear these looks.”

- Selena Gomez

#WetheCHIC love the adidas NEO Selena Gomez Printed Lace Skirt, $26.00, Denim Shirt, $26.00 and Military Boots, $78.00 all available at Adidas.com/Neo

adidasNEO picks 2Images: Courtesy of Adidas

Inside look: The gift bag, thanks to adidas NEO Label! #WetheCHIC can’t wait to rock the scarf!

adidas Neo Giftbag

Want more? You can view the full show here:



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Elizabeth Weingarten Chic In the Street

Chic in the Street: Elizabeth Weingarten

Hometown: ​Northfield, IL ​
Occupation: ​By day – An Associate Editor & Associate Director at a DC think tank
                          By night – Founder of TRIBELLE, LLC.
Tell us a little more about TRIBELLE…We the CHIC love the necklace!
 “TRIBELLE is a multi-style jewelry collection with a mission to cultivate female entrepreneurship in Israel by supporting businesswomen and the organizations that incubate their ventures. I know what you’re thinking: Why do women in Israel need my help? Isn’t Israel a rich, developed country? Sure, Israel is developed – but poverty there is endemic. Here in the U.S., headlines are dominated by news of violence between Israel and Hamas and failed peace negotiations. But we tend to forget about the real people behind the politics and the violence – the low-income female entrepreneurs who are simply trying to support their families.”
TRIBELLE Necklace and pumps Elizabeth Weingarten
The Look:  TRIBELLE Rainbow Bohemian Weave Necklace, $249.00 Available at Tribelle.co(“..by the way, this is made out of ZIPPERS. It’s wearable art – zippers are embroidered with color and beads.”) Top – United Colors of Benetton, Belt – Anthropologie, Pants – J.Crew​, Crochet Cardigan – Top Shop​, Sandals – Nordstrom
How does it work?
“We buy and sell jewelry from women who started their businesses with the help of Israeli organizations that equip women with critical business skills. These organizations provide support and training in financial management, marketing, and the legal issues that arise from starting and sustaining an enterprise. They’re doing critically important economic empowerment work. But in Israel’s tough economic climate, entrepreneurs  are still struggling to grow their businesses and provide for their families even with this support. TRIBELLE is committed​ to reinvesting a portion of each sale back into our partner organizations. In other words, every artisan who sells on TRIBELLE – and each customer who buys her jewelry – is enabling those organizations to support even more women.”
What do you enjoy the most about your job?
“​I love talking to the women entrepreneurs about their lives – how they’re overcoming daily challenges given the ongoing security issues in Israel, and what motivates them. “​
What do you find the most challenging? 
​”Israel has a big PR problem here – and everywhere. Many people think of Israel, and Israelis, as a monolith – a population that has the same views and perceptions as its leaders. And a population primarily comprised of successful tech entrepreneurs. That’s not an accurate snapshot. Through TRIBELLE, I hope to share a different and more nuanced perspective about a very inspiring group of Israelis that’s often not mentioned.”
What do you like most about DC?
“​The people – and, more specifically, that it’s a town full of nerds. I get great pleasure out of the fact that at a party on a Saturday night, I can stand in the corner of a party and talk about election monitoring in Nepal. And be riveted by it.”
We the CHIC could not get enough of these fabulous TRIBELLE statement pieces. Check out a few of our  favorites below:
(left to right) Black and Gold Zipper bracelet, $50.00 and “The Road Less Traveled” necklace,  $350.00  both available at Tribelle.co
(Below) “Skipping Stones” necklace in “Pink Lady,” $199.00 available at Tribelle.co
Tribelle Necklace
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By Natalie Webb

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand-sexist-comments-about-her

Any woman can relate to an experience where her body was up for public comment or up for literal grabs by men. Street harassment is a common complaint, but this sort of thing is also an all too common occurrence in the workplace.

According to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Capitol Hill is no different. Lawmakers–They’re just like us!

Gillibrand said, in excerpts from her forthcoming book, Off the Sidelines, more than one of her male colleagues made comments about her weight, calling her chubby, fat, and porky. One Senator grabbed her waist and said, “Don’t lose too much weight now. I like my girls chubby.”

While some have questioned whether or not this actually constitutes harassment or even fat shaming, the EEOC is pretty clear on its definition of harassment. Hint: Yes. It is.

With thousands of cases of harassment and sexual harassment are brought every year, 70 percent of victims say they don’t report it. Harassment happens at all levels of employment, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that it happens among our esteemed lawmakers–in fact there is a long history of it.

We live in a culture where this sort of behavior is too easily dismissed and women, Sen. Gillibrand included, are forced to deal with it and even excuse it in some cases:

“It was all statements that were being made by men who were well into their 60s, 70s or 80s,” she says. “They had no clue that those are inappropriate things to say to a pregnant woman or a woman who just had a baby or to women in general.”

The fact is that our leaders, people we elected into office, are clueless about how to respect their female colleagues and women in general. Our culture still hasn’t progressed to the point where the sense of entitlement to comment on a woman’s body, or touch a woman’s body without her permission is unacceptable. Our lawmakers are a very public reminder of that fact.

Natalie Webb

Natalie Webb is the Director of Communications and Digital Media for the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI)

Follow Natalie on Twitter at @_N_Webb



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